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12 Steps On How To Get Your Keys

1. Prepare For The Journey

  • Sign Our Buyer/Broker Agreement

  • Get Your Preapproval Letter / Know Your Payment

2. Search For A Home 

  • Schedule Zoom Call to Discuss Your Goals and Review the  Buyer's To Do List

  • Review List of Homes for Sale 

  • Set Appointment for Field Trip to View Properties

3. Prepare Your Offer

  • Check the Comparable Sales for the Area Near Your Home

  • Submit Your Offer, Pre-Approval and Proof of Funds to the Listing Agent

  • Offer Accepted

  • Lock-in Your Interest Rate with Your Loan Officer

Earnest Money Deposit is Due in 3 Business Days

Contingency Period Begins (10 - 21 Calendar Days)

4. Open Escrow

  • Submit Earnest Money Deposit to Escrow

  • Read and Sign Buyer Package from Escrow

  • Review Preliminary Title Report

5. Home Inspection

  • Review Report

  • Submit Credits and Repairs To the Seller 

6. Termite Inspection

  • Order Report

  • Review

  • Work to be Completed

7. Seller Disclosures

  • Review the Property History from the Seller's experience

  • Buyer and Seller to Read, Sign, and Return. 

8. Appraisal

  • Order by Loan Officer

  • Review Report

  • Review Estimated Closing Statement (List of all transaction fees)

9. Home Warranty / Home Owner's Insurance

10. Final Walk Through

11. Loan Documents

  • Ordered

  • Signed

  • Confirm Funding & Recording

12. Get Your KEYS!!

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